Someone Take The Wheel
  On CNBC: Iraqi prison abuses likened to fraternities ... again

On May 4, the same day that Rush Limbaugh described U.S. military personnel abusing Iraqi prisoners as "having a good time" and "blow[ing] some steam off," Weekly Standard online editor Jonathan V. Last said on CNBC's Dennis Miller that he believed worse things happen in fraternity houses:

I hope these guys are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law ... but at the same time, let's not get too crazy and call them Nazi-like. ... Worse happens in frat houses across America ... bad pictures with some guys playing naked Twister. It's bad, but we don't want to get too crazy.
  Cool, Now We're Abusing The Elderly

But don't worry...they're just "brown people".

LONDON - U.S. soldiers who detained an elderly Iraqi woman last year placed a harness on her, made her crawl on all fours and rode her like a donkey, Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites)'s personal human rights envoy to Iraq (news - web sites) said Wednesday. 
  Heart and Minds...Hearts and Minds...

Just keep repeating that mantra and it will come true!




2004 Republican National Convention schedule
Contact: Christine Diverson, 202-555-8614


"The First Amendment and its Importance to a Free America"
Antonin Scalia; sponsored by the Media Research Center {no press allowed}

"Why the 'Old Rules' No Longer Apply in Post 9/11 America"
John Aschroft; to be followed by a ritual burning of an original copy of the Constitution

"Why Women and the Non-Religious are Substantially Inferior"
Pat Robertson; cosponsored by Concerned Women for America and the Taliban



"Violence: the solution to every problem"
Richard Perle; cosponsored by the Defense Policy Board and the NRA

"Why Our Capitalist System Works: the competitive bidding process"
Dick Cheney; cosponsored by Halliburton, The Carlyle Group and the Saudi Royal Family

"The First Amendment: why all Americans are free to agree with us"
John Ashcroft; cosponsored by every patriotic American



"Why Sharing Our Toys Is Fundamentally Bad"
Stephen Moore; cosponsored by the Club For Growth and the National Council of Kindergarteners

"Ralph Nader: True American Hero"
Ed Gillespie; cosponsored by Raytheon and other corporations in Nader's portfolio

"Clean Lands, Clean Air: cutting down trees to reduce smoke pollution"
Gale Norton; sponsored by the American Forest and Paper Association

Keynote Address:

"The Fourth Reich: honoring the legacy of my grandfather"
President Karl C. Rove; sponsored by the Heritage Foundation
  You Must Remember THIS

For nearly an hour, this group, called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, unleashed decades of bitterness, attacking Kerry's service record and his anti-war testimony before Congress, which they say painted them all as war criminals.

"I'm here today to express the anger I've harbored for over 33 years about being accused with my fellow shipmates of war atrocities," said one man.

But if you think this just a group of concerned veterans, think again. Some of the organizers have a track record of going after Democrats and Republican opponents of President Bush.

"We believe, based on our experience with him, that he is totally unfit to be the commander in chief," said veteran John O'Neill.

That's the same John O'Neill who debated Kerry about Vietnam on "The Dick Cavett Show" in 1971. Back then he was handpicked by the Nixon administration to discredit Kerry.

The press conference was set up by the same people who tried to discredit John McCain when McCain faced George W. Bush for the Republican nomination in 2000.

It's the same strategy used to go after Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, who lost three limbs in Vietnam.

"That sticks in my craw, and it ought to stick in yours, because if you don't go to war, don't throw rocks at those who did," said Cleland.


These guys don't even bother murdering Iraqis in person or even trying to come up with an excuse. Now our mercenaries are simply picking them off for fun. man.

French cable television station Canal Plus on Tuesday will broadcast images, stolen in Iraq, of a US army helicopter killing three Iraqis who do not appear to be posing any threat, one of whom was wounded.


The man claims to have hidden the tape, dated December 1, 2003 and filmed at an unidentified location in Iraq, at the US base where he lived and worked.

The three-and-a-half minutes of footage were taken from the helicopter firing at the three individuals, who were considered by the US military to be suspicious.

The footage shows how the three men were killed one after the other. After the deaths of his two companions, the third attempted to hide under a truck, but was hit by helicopter gunfire.

"Got the guy right here," says the sharpshooter, as the wounded man is seen crawling on the ground.

"Good. Fire. Hit him," replies the officer.

In March, the rights watchdog group Amnesty International said "scores of civilians have been killed apparently as a result of excessive use of force by US troops, or have been shot dead in disputed circumstances."

  This Is Simply The Funniest Thing I've Ever Read

Top 10 worst album covers of all time with commentary. 
  Hang Onto Your Seats

WASHINGTON—The chief of the U.S. Selective Service System has proposed registering women for the military draft and requiring that young Americans regularly inform the government about whether they have training in niche specialties needed in the armed services.

The proposal, which the agency's acting director Lewis Brodsky presented to senior Pentagon officials just before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, also seeks to extend the age of draft registration to 34, up from 25. 
  More Winning Heart And Minds

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two Iraqi prisoners were murdered by Americans and 23 other deaths are being investigated in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States revealed on Tuesday as the Bush administration tried to contain growing outrage over the abuse of Iraqi detainees.


An official said a soldier was convicted in the U.S. military justice system of killing a prisoner by hitting him with a rock, and was reduced in rank to private and thrown out of the service but did not serve any jail time.
  Bush Plays The Race Card

"There's a lot of people in the world who don't believe that people whose skin color may not be the same as ours can be free and self-govern," Bush said.

"I reject that. I reject that strongly. I believe that people who practice the Muslim faith can self-govern. I believe that people whose skins aren't necessarily -- are a different color than white can self-govern."
That was a variation on Bush's frequent point that he disagrees with those who say that Muslims or people who are brown-skinned cannot be self-governing or free. PuppetPotus points out here, not all Americans are white and not all the soldiers fighting to liberatefy Eyerack are white, just as not all Arabs are brown. Read the rest to see a good theory as to why he says this stupid crap.

  The Military's Mounting Mental Health Problems


Twenty-four soldiers – 20 army personnel, two Marines and two sailors – have taken their lives during the past year in Iraq and Kuwait. In addition, there have been seven suicides among "newly States-sided troops," including two soldiers who killed themselves while patients at Walter Reed Army Hospital, the Toronto Star recently reported.

The suicide rate for army troops in Iraq has been 17.3 per 100,000 soldiers, compared to the overall Army rate of 11.9 per 100,000 between 1995 and 2002. According to, this rate is higher than the rate for all branches of the military during the Vietnam War, which was 15.6, and higher than during the 1991 Persian Gulf War which had a 3.6 rate for all branches.
  CIA accused of link to Iraq prison torture

The US Army Reserve general whose soldiers were photographed as they abused Iraqi prisoners said she suspected the reservists were acting with the encouragement of military intelligence units that ran the special cell block used for interrogation and that CIA employees often joined in the interrogations.

According to the magazine, the army report offered accounts of gruesome abuse that included the sexual assault of an Iraqi detainee with a chemical light stick or broomstick.  
  Gun Nut Shoots Self

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- A federal drug agent shot himself in the leg
during a gun safety presentation to children in what police describe as
an accident. His bosses, however, are still investigating the incident.


He drew his .40-caliber duty weapon and removed the magazine, according
to the police report. He then pulled back the slide and asked an
audience member to look inside the gun and confirm it wasn't loaded.

Witnesses said when the agent released the slide, one shot fired into
the top of his left thigh. The gun was pointed at the floor.

The agent was treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center and returned to
work, a DEA official said.
  Jobs To Bring Democracy To Iraq?

Most stories of people going to Iraq for jobs
are due to the financial downfall of the current US
economic environment. The pay is great, three to
four times the amount you would get for the same job
here in the US(If the jobs were here).

Over 15,000 civilians have been contracted(mostly
by Halliburton Co.) to rebuild and bring Democracy to
Iraq. To put the body count against that, it is not too
bad, 30 have been killed, 20 captured, and over 200 have
been wounded. Most of these number have risen just in the
past month due to the Shiite and Sunni Anti-American uprising
and internal civil war in every large city. So Iraq as a
social engineering project has ended up as a failure(not
that Bush has had much success with our economy as well, let
alone another countries economy) and with only 60 days(June 30th)
until the new government will take over, not one has yet
to be chosen.

So even at this time the future job market for Iraq is looking
very grim. Unless drastic measures, like the U.N. to rally
international support to get it resolved, not much is
going to happen except a larger body count of both civilian
and armed forces.


Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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