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  Hey George, Pretty Funny Stuff Huh?

  Stop It Mr. President! You're KILLING Me!

Isn't this just a side splitter? I mean, this guy's a natural born comic. First the "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta!" joke and now this. Boy I bet those families of victims and soldiers killed are just busting a godambed gut.

"Bush put on a slide show, calling it the "White House Election-Year Album" at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association 60th annual dinner, showing himself and his staff in some decidedly unflattering poses.

There was Bush looking under furniture in a fruitless, frustrating search. "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said. " 
  We Were Right

Watching the 9/11 Commission hearings, I'm struck at so many levels about how far our country's been in willful denial for the last few years. And I just wanna give a little shoutout to all those people I've argued with before and after the Iraq war to say I was right and you were wrong. The arrogance, ignorance and blatant stupidity of our "wartime president" and his cabinet level administration amazes even me. And suffice to say I was never a big fan.

All the continued repeating of the media enhanced Republican mantras of "But but we have to make America Saaafer!" and "Saddam Hussein was a Baad man!" can bite me. Hard.

Now, shall we get to the task of REALLY making America safer? Cause history is being made right in front of our eyes. And if the citizens of this country aren't willing to drop their illusions and face the facts, we're doomed. 
  GOP NYC Convention Website

I like the part in the CEO's welcome spiel about "inclusion for all"...guess that means the protestors are welcome?? 
  See How You Like It

This is brilliant:

PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) -- In a new twist in the battle over same-sex marriage roiling the United States, a county in Oregon has banned all marriages -- gay and heterosexual -- until the state decides who can and who cannot wed. 
  Passion Kills Another One

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil (Reuters) - A Brazilian pastor died of an apparent heart attack while watching the Mel Gibson film "The Passion of the Christ," witnesses say. 
  Keep At It George

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. average retail gasoline prices hit an all-time high on Tuesday as a tight-fisted OPEC policy and rising demand constricted supplies, according to the American Automobile Association.

"Unstable gasoline prices make budgeting for fuel costs extremely difficult for families and businesses," AAA stated in a release, urging new policies to simplify production and distribution of fuels.

  The Memory Hole

"This was not something that had to happen."

"They simply failed."

— Thomas H. Kean, Chair of the independent commission investigating 9/11. Kean is a Republican appointed by Bush

"They don't have any excuse because the information was in their lap, and they didn't do anything to prevent it."

— Senator Richard Shelby, then ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee; member of the joint intelligence committee that investigated 9/11

"I don't believe any longer that it's a matter of connecting the dots. I think they had a veritable blueprint, and we want to know why they didn't act on it."

— Senator Arlen Specter, a Republican member of the joint intelligence committee that investigated 9/11

"There were lots of warnings."

— Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

"Should we have known? Yes, we should have. Could we have known? Yes, I believe we could have because of the hard targets {CIA operatives were tracking}."

— Representative Porter Goss, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Republican co-chairman of the joint intelligence committee that investigated 9/11

"I cannot say for sure that there wasn't a possibility we could have come across some lead that would have led us to the hijackers."

— FBI Director Robert Mueller

"As of September 10th, each of us knew everything we needed to know to tell us there was a possibility of what happened on September 11th."

— Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff (described by the Associated Press as "the Bush administration's top anti-terrorism prosecutor")

"Had one human being or a common group of human beings sat down with all that information, we could have gotten to the hijackers before they flew those four airplanes either into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or the ground of Pennsylvania."

— Senator Bob Graham, then Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; Democratic co-chairman of the joint intelligence panel that investigated 9/11

"If you put all those pieces together, I don't say you could have prevented September 11th, but there might have been some warning, had it been handled properly."

— Vice President Dick Cheney

Thanks to Phelix! 
  Why You Shouldn't Lie to Your Kids

A four-year-old boy has been caught with $7,500 (£4,100) in crack cocaine at his school in Indianapolis.

The young boy had taken the drugs to school in his backpack and told other pupils it was flour.
  Don't Hold Your Breath

The White House has opened its guns on Clarke. He is being contradicted and soon, as with poor O'Neill, his sanity and probity will be questioned. It's getting to be downright amazing how former White House aides tell the same tale -- a case, the White House wants us to believe, of hysteria or unaccountable betrayal. I'd like to believe my president, but as Clarke quotes him in a different context, "I'm looking for any shred."  
  I Don't Like Mondays

I haven't posted anything in a few days. And I don't intend to today. Some days it's just hard to find anything worth saying. Hope everyone enjoyed the 60 Minutes interview with Clarke last night. I hear it was fantastic.

Someone Take The Wheel will be back online tomorrow. 

Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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