Someone Take The Wheel
  And To Think I Knew You When

A 78-year-old retired Los Angeles schoolteacher said she is breaking a lifetime of silence to announce that she is the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of former U.S. senator James Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), once the nation's leading segregationist. In an interview, the woman said that Thurmond privately acknowledged her as his daughter and provided financial support since 1941.

Essie Mae Washington-Williams described her claims in a lengthy telephone interview last week, saying she protected Thurmond because of their mutual "deep respect" and her fears that disclosure would embarrass her and harm his political career. Thurmond, who died in June at age 100, said late in life through his office that Williams was a friend.

Williams, whose mother worked as a maid in the Thurmond family home as a teenager, has long been the subject of widespread speculation and has been pursued by journalists seeking her story for two decades. She always denied that she is Thurmond's daughter 
  I Think I'm Going to Be Sick

Nader eyeing another White House run
From Phil Hirschkorn

PRINCETON, New Jersey (CNN) --Consumer advocate Ralph Nader said Thursday he is leaning toward another independent run for the presidency and will make his decision public in January.

"We're testing the waters," Nader said in an interview with CNN. "It's a high probability but that is yet to be determined."

  It all surrounds a patrol car, which carried a message some found offensive. The car decal said, "We'll Kick Your Ass".

It is the kind of stunt that could have quickly been put to rest.

Instead it has prompted a flood of editorial letters to the Bakersfield Californian with mixed reviews on what the sticker said.

There is still plenty of controversy over how the sheriff handled it.

It is not the act that gets you in trouble, but whether or not it is a cover-up.


  It's a GoogleBomb Attack!

Stranger calls us to duty. Pick up your keyboards and fight, brave soldiers:

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

  But They Told Us This Was All Surgical Strikes!

More than 1,000 civilians were killed or wounded by cluster bombs used by American and British forces in the invasion of Iraq, and Iraqis are still being killed and maimed by the munitions months after they were dropped.

In March and April, cluster bombs used in populated areas were responsible for more civilian casualties than any other weapon, said a report published today. On one day, 31 March, 33 civilians were killed and 109 injured by the bomblets dropped on of Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad.

The report, by Human Rights Watch (HRW), says American and British forces used nearly 13,000 cluster bombs, often in populated areas. The weapons, packed with small bomblets, some with time delays, have a failure rate of 5 per cent and the unexploded bomblets can lie in the ground for months until set off by a passer-by or a vehicle. Experience from other conflicts, including the US-led war in Afghanistan, has shown the unexploded, yellow bombs attract curious children. 
  New Children's Store in Japan

Thanks to Antidolt!

  Free Press Must Be Stopped - Gitmo for Stars and Stripes Editors

With the Pentagon just recovering from , Stars and Stripes is blowing the whistle on President Bush's Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad, saying the cheering soldiers who met him were pre-screened and others showing up for a turkey dinner were turned away.

The newspaper, quoting two officials with the Army's 1st Armored Division in an article last week, reported that "for security reasons, only those preselected got into the facility during Bush's visit. . . . The soldiers who dined while the president visited were selected by their chain of command, and were notified a short time before the visit."

The 1st Armored Division officials told Stars and Stripes that all soldiers had the opportunity to get a proper Thanksgiving meal -- possibly more than the newspaper's editors will get in Guantanamo next year.


" Of more concern, air traffic controllers in Britain are seething over the flight, in which the president's 747, falsely identified as a Gulfstream, traveled through British airspace. Prospect, the controllers union in the United Kingdom, says the flight broke international regulations, posed a potential safety threat and exposed a weakness in the air defense system that could be exploited by terrorists.

"The overriding concern is if the president's men who did this can dupe air traffic control, what's to stop a highly organized terrorist group from duping air traffic control?"

  HA HA!

WHEN some Republicans heard about Representative Tom DeLay's plan to house delegates on a chartered cruise ship during their convention in New York, the plan was abandoned for fear of reinforcing Republicans' image as staid suburbanites aloof from the city. But if they'd stuck with Mr. DeLay's plan to charter the Norwegian Dawn, they might have ended up with a different image in tabloid headlines: GRAND OLD PARTY ON GAY CRUISE SHIP.

Mr. DeLay, whose party's relation with gay voters has been awkward at best, happened to pick a ship with a great reputation among gays and lesbians. Rosie O'Donnell and her partner, Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell, have a travel company, R. Family Vacations, that has chartered the entire Norwegian Dawn next summer for what the company advertises as "the very first gay and lesbian family cruise" with "our very own special brand of gay and lesbian family-friendly fun."

The ship is also a favorite of Atlantis Events, a gay and lesbian tour company based in Hollywood that has advertised its trips with a different kind of marketing: "Three of the best gay D.J.'s spinning today will keep you dancing until the sun comes up." The company's president, Rich Campbell, said he was ready to help Mr. DeLay and his delegates dance the night away.

"I thought of calling Tom's office," he said, "and saying: `I'm with a gay cruise company. Let me tell you why this is such a wonderful ship. I'd be happy to provide entertainment and consulting service.'
  Yesterday's Poll Results

Which Primary Candidates Followers Are Most Annoying?





Total Votes: 33
  Pete Hisey's Handy Dandy Medicare Screed

Pete posted this awhile back in the BC Forum, but I just re-discovered it. It's a keeper:

"For when FRetards start with their "whiner" and "half a loaf is better than no loaf" arguments. I'm nowhere near old enough to have to worry about this personally, but this is meant to de-fund the fed govt. and is a total scam. Anyway, a Republican type came into AARP and said, why is everyone complaining about something that's free? Here's my answer.


Among the many issues you are not addressing are:

1. The Fed govt is specifically barred from negotiating for lower drug prices. In what other area of the government is it barred from using its buying clout to negotiate for lower prices? The answer is...NOWHERE. That alone will cost taxpayers billions and billions and billions.

2. This entire boondoggle isn't even funded. At most, the government will raise 22% of the costs, mainly through the deductible and monthly fees. The rest goes on the governmental credit card.

3. I did enough back-of-the-envelope math on this baby to figure out that AT BEST it will offer the average user a 33% discount. Certain catastrophic cases can save more. But keep in mind that drug prices are rising between 8% and 15% a year. In other words, in two years, when the plan kicks in, it will save consumers a grand 3%. At a cost of $40 billion a year. They'd be better off buying $40 billion worth of the most expensive drugs and distributing them to those who can't afford them.

4. Means testing. You better not have any money in the bank, or you don't even qualify.

5. Giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies. Billions of the yearly $40 billion (remember, nearly all of it borrowed and payable in the future) goes to these poor struggling samaritans in tax breaks and subsidies. Merck only turned in its highest profit in history this year. Most of the other big pharm companies also showed record profits. AARP did too, for that matter. And even scandal-plagued HealthSouth (that would be Bill Frist to you) turned a profit. But like the Energy Bill, the Iraqi War, and every other scam this fraud of an administration has pushed, payoffs to the wealthy and his largest corporate donors come first. Always. There are starving billionaires out there, you know. Starving to become trillionaires.

6. Did I mention that the House Republicans put a clause in that prohibits the government from using its buying clout to negotiate lower prices? Oh, I did? Did I mention that the people who put that clause in got on average $150,000 in campaign funds from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries since the year 2000, and that the real heavy hitters, like Frist and Hastert, got closer to a million? And some get even more? A million dollars in donations. WTF?

7. Let's talk about the bill itself. Have you read it? No, you haven't, because no one, not even its authors, has. It's 1000 pages of gobblygook and it was revised, changed and edited willy-nilly right up til the vote to drop some pork in for certain votes. One clause gives $750 million a year to rural hospitals. Hey, they probably need it, since it's tough to attract doctors to rural areas. But what does that have to do with a prescription benefit? It was put there to get people like Daschle and other reps from sparsely populated states to support the bill. No other reason.

8. Did you notice the language about buying drugs in Canada? It was being changed every five minutes, so I'm not sure what the final result was, but it in effect prohibits states from buying drugs in Canada and then reselling them to patients at a major discount. Here in Illinois, our governor is going ahead with a plan to import popular drugs for state employees and retirees. This bill may stop him. And in a blatant plug for Blago, he is also about to cut off purchases from any drug company that is cutting supplies to canada to prevent reselling into the U.S.

9. The Republicans are conspiring to change house and senate rules so that this bill cannot be altered, or its funding increased. Remember that 22% figure? They know what a budget -busting turkey this thing is, and are afraid it will cost them elections for years to come. So they're in CYA mode. Much like the Supreme Court, when it handed the election to Smirky the Chimpboy, then said, THIS DECISION CAN NOT BE USED AS PRECEDENT. Sorta off-topic, but when the HECK has a Supreme Court decision not been, ipso facto, THE precedent?

10. The Republicans have not been shy about pointing out that this bill is really a way to choke Medicare and eventually Social Security to death by depriving it of funds. Putting artificial spending caps on Federal programs, particularly this one, then forbidding the government from doing anything to lower costs, is a prescription for failure. And that's what they really want. Waste the money so it won't be spent on effective programs, make universal healthcare impossible, run the deficits so high that they can slash all entitlement programs at will...that's the GOP game plan.

Is anyone here REALLY going to vote for these creeps in 04? I mean, I don't care for the fiscal conservatives who voted against this bill, but at least they stood up for what they believed in. I'm as much a deficit hawk as any conservative. Cutting the deficit is the best tax cut you can give the country, given that about 30% of our annual budget is given over to interest payments on the national debt (and that figure is going to ROCKET out of control very soon), but as a liberal I feel that the deficit should be paid off with higher taxes, not lower services. When Clinton pushed his tax increase on the wealthy through in 1993, with NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voting for it, the economy took off, taxes actually got lower in real terms, and the wealthy, who whined so loudly, got massively richer.

But so did everyone else. And that drives Republicans CRAZY. They want a rising tide to float only THEIR boats, because otherwise, the poor get uppity and before you know it, you have to start paying them a living wage."

Thanks to Baconslab!

International Organization of Heterosexual Rights

The National Education Association, SIECUS and homosexual activist groups insist that your children are taught how to perform homosexual acts by the time they are in junior high school, in all 50 of the United States of America. The form below provides legal protection for your child and you as the parent from these deviant and disease ridden teachings.
  Poll of the Day

This one goes out to all my friends in the Bartcop Forum Campaign Room (smooch!):

  AUSTIN -- A church pastor and his brother faced sentencing today after they were convicted of severely beating a Bible studies student with a tree branch for goofing off in a summer program.

Jurors deliberated about three hours Wednesday before convicting twins Joshua and Caleb Thompson, 23, of felony injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. They face sentences ranging from probation to life in prison.

Prosecutors said the brothers beat 11-year-old Louie Guerrero so badly in July 2002 that he spent a week in intensive care under the threat of kidney failure and needed a blood transfusion 
  This is Kind of Weird

Weird and Yucky:

The dog found in the Edgeboro Landfill in East Brunswick last week survived not only an attempt to euthanize her but also a trash compactor, an officer for the Middlesex County SPCA said yesterday.

"Obviously, it's a miracle," said SPCA Officer Michael Iovine. "The dog was euthanized with drugs, presumed dead, put into a plastic bag and then a trash compactor and compressed, and survived that. It's just amazing it lived through that whole mess." 
  Blame Canada

This is so pathetic. We can shove our flag in every human's face around the world, but those darned canadians, what's wrong with them?

"OTTAWA -- Canadians should be careful not to appear "boastful" to Americans, who are insecure because of the war in Iraq and admit they are annoyed by northerners showing off the red maple leaf on their luggage when they travel, a recent federal report warns.

"For instance, an American from San Diego is quoted saying: "What bugs me about Canadians, if I may, is that they wear that damn patch on their bags, the Canadian flag patch. That way, they differentiate themselves from us." 
  Rant From "Today In Iraq"

If you haven't read this incredibly informative website, do. YankeeDoodle, our hats are off to you.

Rant of the Day

Lieutenant AWOL sends form letters to the families of the fallen. Past Presidents routinely sent form notifications and letters of sympathy to the families of soldiers KIA. The letter of personal sympathy has traditionally been a function of the chain of command, and a direct responsibility of the soldier's company commander. So this shouldn't even be an issue except that Bush himself had made it an issue by setting a higher standard for himself and then failing to perform as promised. In February, Bush said, "I hug the mothers and the widows of those who may have lost their life in the name of peace and freedom." He made the same claim when he visited London recently. So when Bush gets criticized because he has consistently refused to attend the funereals of fallen soldiers, bars the press from covering the arrivals of the dead and wounded, and meets only with selected family members in a tightly controlled environment, it's legitimate criticism because he and his political handlers have intentionally claimed the responsibility for personal involvement.

By failing to perform as promised, Lieutenant AWOL makes it clear that he is merely milking the military for political advantage. He mouths meaningless phrases in front of the cameras, prances around on a flight deck, and stages a two-hour Thanksgiving photo-op with the troops, and then dashes off to the next fundraiser. Makes me want to puke.

  War Crimes

December 10th, 2003

U.S. Marines execute a man who appears to be a helpless and mortally wounded Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines.

This video should only be viewed by a mature audience.

"Those guys are dead now, ya know? But it was a good feeling ... afterwards you're like Hell yeah! That was awesome. Let's do it again!"

  Hey Joe: Shut Up Already.

And while we're at it, would you please get out of the primaries? No one likes you.
  The Real King Gets Married

Let's hope this isn't a further indication of where he's headed musically...

NEW YORK (AP) - Jazz singer Diana Krall has tied the knot with her beau of one year, Elvis Costello, in a wedding in England, Costello's public relations firm confirmed Wednesday.

The couple married Saturday night in a ceremony at Elton John's mansion in Surrey, England, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported.

"The wedding was a private event with close friends and family in attendance," Shore Fire Media said in a statement.
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No, never

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Only if they're talking about Bush

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  Let It Snow

It was a snow day yesterday and therefore I felt it was my duty to do no work whatsoever. Today I return...stay tuned... 
  Former U.S. Sen. Paul Simon, one-time presidential candidate, dies at 75.  


HONG KONG (Reuters) - The Hong Kong government has asked global fast food chain McDonalds Corp to withdraw a seasoning for its french fried potatoes because it could contain a banned artificial sweetener, a spokeswoman said on Sunday.
The government said it had discovered that the label for the chain's Honey BBQ seasoning mix listed the artificial sweetener stevioside, which is banned in Hong Kong, as an ingredient.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute says on its Web site that the main chemical in stevioside can be converted in a laboratory into a substance that alters genes. Further study is needed to determine whether the sweetener can cause cancer, it says.


McDonalds was not immediately available for comment but newspapers said that the company had since stopped using the powder.

In 2001 McDonalds apologized in a dispute over the use of beef extract in its french fries following legal action and protests from vegetarians.
  Redford Blasts The Miserable Failure

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Actor and longtime conservationist Robert Redford criticized the Bush administration's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's seen in his lifetime.

At a news conference before attending a fund-raiser for Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Redford said the bill was flawed from the start.

"It's one of the greatest disgraces in my time," Redford said Sunday. "It's a bad bill, it's a horrible bill.

"I think the American people are being really ill served right now and I think nowhere is it more disgraceful than in how the environment is being treated," the 66-year-old added.
  What. Ever.

Yeah, it doesn't matter what you think or what intelligence we used to go to war with a sovereign nation, we're there now and we're the occupiers so who cares what you think?

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's chief of staff dismissed as "a moot point" any lingering question about whether Bush relied on faulty intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Andy Card also rejected charges from fellow Republican Newt Gingrich that the administration's postwar policies went "off a cliff" after an impressive invasion that deposed Saddam Hussein's government.
  Eminem Spared Gitmo - For Now

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. Secret Service has looked into reports that rapper Eminem wrote lyrics that said "I'd rather see the president dead," but it doesn't plan a formal investigation, said a Secret Service spokesman.

John Gill, the spokesman, cautioned such lyrics can have unintended consequences on others.

"The Secret Service has no current plans to open an investigation into this matter," Gill said Monday. But "we are concerned about communications that can be interpreted in a manner perhaps not intended by the artist, and the potential peripheral impact that such lyrics can have on other individuals."

  Stranger's On the BBC

He's a star. He's a rock star. The NY Times, ABC, NY Daily News, and now the BBC. And to think I knew him when...


Between Ozzy getting busted up and George Clinton getting busted, it's a bad day for celebs:

"Rock star Ozzy Osbourne has undergone emergency surgery after being hurt in a quad bike accident.

The Birmingham-born 55-year-old star broke his collarbone, six ribs and a vertebra in his neck in the accident."

"Clinton started to reach into his pocket and the officer asked him if he had anything in his pocket that might be dangerous, Clendinen said.

"Clinton allegedly responded 'I've got a little cocaine.'

"The item he is accused of dropping between the seats turned out be a crack pipe, police said."

REPUBLICAN Janklow Found Guilty, Will Resign From House
S.D. REPUBLICAN Congressman Faces Up To 10 Years In Jail

FLANDREAU, S.D. -- REPUBLICAN South Dakota Rep. REPUBLICAN Bill Janklow is planning to leave Congress next month.

Word of his REPUBLICAN plan to resign came Monday just hours he was found guilty of REPUBLICAN manslaughter for a traffic accident that killed a motorcyclist in August.

After deliberating for less than five hours, the jury in REPUBLICAN Janklow's boyhood hometown of Flandreau rejected a defense claim that he had suffered a REPUBLICAN diabetic reaction during the accident. He was found guilty of REPUBLICAN speeding, REPUBLICAN running a stop sign, REPUBLICAN reckless driving and REPUBLICAN second-degree manslaughter.

The conviction means REPUBLICAN Janklow faces up to 10 REPUBLICAN years in prison and a $10,000 REPUBLICAN fine. Had he stayed in REPUBLICAN office, he would have also faced an investigation from the REPUBLICAN U.S. House Ethics Committee.

REPUBLICAN Janklow appeared REPUBLICAN stunned when walking out of the court and had no REPUBLICAN comment to reporters. Sentencing has been set for Jan. 20, the same day REPUBLICAN Janklow's resignation takes effect.

Janklow, a REPUBLICAN , was elected to South Dakota's lone REPUBLICAN House seat last year following an extraordinary REPUBLICAN political career in which he served 16 years as REPUBLICAN governor.

In closing arguments early Monday, a defense attorney said it makes no sense to accuse REPUBLICAN Janklow of recklessly REPUBLICAN speeding through a stop sign before the fatal crash because he suffered from a REPUBLICAN diabetic reaction shortly before the collision that killed motorcyclist Randy Scott, of Hardwick, Minn. REPUBLICAN Janklow suffered a broken REPUBLICAN hand and a REPUBLICAN head injury in the Aug. 16 crash.

But the prosecution countered that Janklow, 64, REPUBLICAN should be convicted even if he did have a REPUBLICAN diabetic reaction.

"The defendant's REPUBLICAN driving is like a deadly game of REPUBLICAN Russian roulette," a prosecutor said Monday. "On August 16, Randy Scott took the bullet."

The prosecution contended that REPUBLICAN Janklow was speeding and that he lied to police at the scene of the crash. REPUBLICAN Janklow had told two troopers and a deputy that he was trying to avoid a REPUBLICAN white car when the accident occurred. 
  Free At Last. Free At Last. Thank God Almighty I'm Free At Last. 

Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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