Someone Take The Wheel
  On Vacation
I'll leave you with this from (if I can manage to stay away from a computer for three days -- it's questionable):

  Next Up: Wolfowitz Is "Visibly Shaken" Monday!

US deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz was visibly shaken as he fended off hecklers at Georgetown University during a speech Thursday.

The smooth-talking politician, who kept his cool under fire in Baghdad some days earlier, appeared ruffled and at one point snapped back at the hecklers.

"We hate your policies!" shouted one young woman, standing ten metres from Wolfowitz who went pale and clenched his jaw.

"Killing innocents is not the solution but rather the problem," she said. ...

For Immediate Release
Date: October 29, 2003

Statement From Chris Lehane, Clark Campaign Communications Strategist, Regarding Bannergate

"Mr. President, this is no trick question. What did you know about the banner, and when did you know it?"

  *My boyfriend*, General Clark Kicks Ass in South Carolina

I'm told Edwards used to have this locked down.

Wesley Clark 17%
Howard Dean 7%
John Edwards 10%

  *My boyfriend*, General Clark Gets TOUGH
  I'm Shocked. Shocked I Tell You.

Apparently the big Bush donors are getting all the big money contracts... 
  MonkeyFister Makes a Slight Correction

  Moron Alert

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill) has issued an apology indicating that two members of his staff were involved in today's weapon scare at the Cannon House Office building. The weapon turned out to be a toy ---after a security lockdown at the Cannon Bldg....

The Shimkus statement on paper calls this "an unfortunate Halloween misunderstanding," and says it occurred as a result of "my staff's efforts to put together a Halloween costume during their lunch hour."

He says the "staffers wish to convey their deepest regrets to all Members. fellow staff, and visitors to Washington who were inconvenienced by this incident." 
  Just What We Need - More Frankenfood

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Milk and meat products from cloned cattle, pigs and goats are safe for consumers to eat, according to a Food and Drug Administration document obtained by Reuters on Thursday.

The FDA findings bring the agency one step closer to determining whether to allow the commercialization of food from cloned animals. A final policy decision is expected next year.

Cloned animals -- which are genetically identical -- are attractive to the industry because ranchers are able to keep their favorite livestock, providing better tasting meat and more milk and eggs.

"Edible products from normal, healthy clones or their progeny do not appear to pose increased food consumption risk," said the 12-page executive summary of an FDA report. A copy of the report was provided to Reuters by an industry source.


The nascent food cloning industry, which includes companies such as ViaGen Inc., owned by Exeter Life Sciences, and Cyagra, is eagerly awaiting the FDA's decision on commercialization. Smithfield Foods, the top U.S. pork producer, has a technology development contract with ViaGen.

  It's "I'm Atrios!", "Donald Luskin Is A Stalker" and "George Bush is a Miserable Failure" Day!

Oh yeah, happy halloween..

Stranger comes up with another good one:

I'm taking part in a new web project...

From this day forth, I will refer to George W. Bush as a Miserable Failure at least once a day. Why, you ask? Well, someone came up with this great idea to link George W. Bush and Miserable Failure in popular search engines. If you have a blog or web site, help raise the link between George W. Bush and the phrase 'miserable failure' by copying this link and placing somewhere on your site or blog.

Thank you very much for your participation.
  What Is It With This Guy?

First the halo photo...

Now this. Sheesh

President Bush speaks at the dedication of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship's Youth Education Center in Dallas, Texas, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)  
by Micah Wright 
  Diary of a Whiny-Ass Bitch

Luskin (R-punk) proves that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a probably is a stalker after all.

Fuck that.

  The LIST

  Hell's Just Too Good For Some People

Dolphin massacre turns sea blood red

Animal activists have released a video of Japanese fisherman hacking to death dolphins they had trapped at a small port.

  Josh Marshall gives *My boyfriend*, General Clark the nod:

  What, You Mean They Didn't Want to Go to the GOP "HO Down"?

The Democrats have a dream, that politics can be hipped up. And that the disaffected young citizens of America will set aside their sense of abandonment and apathy and flash-mob the polls, pulling the Big D lever in '04.

The dream undulates into shape Monday night at Dream, the sleek, four-story dance club on New York Avenue NE, with a Democratic National Committee fundraiser that raises the roof and a quarter-million dollars, one $50 ticket at a time.

DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe looks out over the club's second floor, so packed it represents the sardines-in-a-can wing of the Democratic Party, and beams. "How great is this!" he yells over the blasting hip-hop, thrilled that 90 percent of those who bought tickets are first-time party donors.

The bass lines are so thumping that it defibrillates the hearts of all 4,500 people, lured to party with former president Bill Clinton. The aim is to make politics sexy for the 18-to-34 crowd, not in a "Sir, the girl is here with the pizza" way, but in a smart, leggy, sassy way. One person onstage will say that only one in five of this group voted in the last presidential election, and one will say only three out of 10, but why quibble about numbers? It's not enough. 
  Read It In His Own Words

But not on a full stomach...

President Talks to Troops in Qatar

"I am happy to see you, an so are the long-suffering people of Iraq. America sent you on a mission to remove a grave threat and to liberate an oppressed people, and that mission has been accomplished." 
By Micah Wright 
  Yeah, That's the Ticket.

“Honestly, it’s a little tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Lott said. In a sign of frustration, he offered an unorthodox military solution: “If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens."

  The Shame of Being You

But the real question is, could Bush pass this test?

Nate Kidder, whose feet barely touched the floor when he sat down, is in the midst of a historic moment in early education: More than half a million 4-year-olds in Head Start programs around the country are taking the same test, which has been mandated by the Bush administration. The largest standardized testing of such young children ever in this country, it has exposed a bitter divide between federal officials and many experts in early education.


"If you were the head of any industry I know — automobiles, pharmaceuticals, take any product you would use — you would have a quality assurance system in place to determine how your product is faring in terms of quality," Dr. Ramey said.

The Head Start test, he said, "is just another quality assurance program."


The test was clearly not Nate Kidder's idea of fun. When Mrs. Stevens showed him four pictures of people with different facial expressions, and asked him to point to the one that matched the word "horrified," he bit his lip and looked at her for reassurance.

Mrs. Stevens said later that she found the question, among others, ridiculous. " `Horrified' is not a word we teach children," she said.

"Our children don't see pictures like that," said Nate Kidder's teacher, Jana Little.


"We don't have swamps in Midland," she said.

As for the vase question, many children at the West Center, Mrs. Stevens said, may not have vases in their homes.
  MSNBC and White House Confirm That I Was Right.

It's time for a little more honor and dignitude in this White House. No, make that "past time".

"WASHINGTON - Six months after he spoke on an aircraft carrier deck under a banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished," President Bush disavowed any connection with the war message.

MSNBC's Buchanan and Press...

BILL PRESS: Bush said...the crew of the ship put that sign up. Now we find out the White House has just confirmed, we just got this handed to us...Senior Navy officials now confirm the sign was in fact produced by the White House.

  It's A Wonder That You Still Know How To Breathe

Our Dear Leader delivered this little gem to the nation today:

BUSH: "Yes. I think it's a very interesting point you make in your question. They're trying to send a warning. Basically what they're trying to do is cause people to run. They want to kill and create chaos. That's the nature of a terrorist. That's what terrorists do: They commit suicide acts against innocent people and then expect people to say, "Well, gosh, we better not try to fight you anymore."

We're trying to determine the nature of who these people were. But I will tell you, I would assume that they're either/or and probably both Baathists and foreign terrorists. "

And the little punk of course has to blame someone for his fuck up:

"The 'Mission Accomplished' sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying that their mission was accomplished. I know it was attributed somehow to some ingenious advance man from staff. They weren't that ingenious, by the way. "

But that's not what this reporter had to say:

"Keepers of Bush Image Lift Stagecraft to New Heights"

". . . .White House officials say that a variety of people, including the president, came up with the idea, and that Mr. Sforza embedded himself on the carrier to make preparations days before Mr. Bush's landing in a flight suit and his early evening speech.

Media strategists noted afterward that Mr. Sforza and his aides had choreographed every aspect of the event, even down to the members of the Lincoln crew arrayed in coordinated shirt colors over Mr. Bush's right shoulder and the "Mission Accomplished" banner placed to perfectly capture the president and the celebratory two words in a single shot. "

My boyfriend, General Clark sticks it to him fast:

"Today, President Bush backtracked on his May 1 political photo op on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln by blaming the troops on the aircraft carrier for the declaration of 'mission accomplished' in Iraq. This is wrong, this is irresponsible and this is not leadership. Politicizing the mission of those troops in the first place was bad theater, and diminished the office of Commander in Chief -- but to now turn his comments on those very troops is outrageous. Instead of trying to blame the sailors and soldiers, the President owes our troops in harm's way and the American people a plan to bring peace to Iraq and stability to the region."

  Now That's What I Call Creativity

  Not Sure What To Do For Halloween?

Make a Clark-o-Lantern!

  "The Rot Comes From The Top"

"Again, during the invasion, the Americans dropped hundreds of cluster bombs on villages outside the town of Hillah. They left behind a butcher's shop of chopped-up corpses. Film of babies cut in half during the raid was not even transmitted by the Reuters crew in Baghdad. The Pentagon then said there were "no indications" cluster bombs had been dropped at Hillah - even though Sky TV found some unexploded and brought them back to Baghdad."  
By Micah Wright 
Thanks to Rickpauler! 
  Clark Wins!

From The Army Times

If you were going to vote for president right now, which candidate would you support:


Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.) 32.79 % (3,878)
Sen. John Edwards 23.51 % (2,780)
Sen. John Kerry 10.27 % (1,214)
Gov. Howard Dean 7.11 % (841)
Rep. Dick Gephardt 1.12 % (132)
Rev. Al Sharpton 1.00 % (118)
Sen. Joe Lieberman 0.47 % (56)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 0.39 % (46)
Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun 0.26 % (31)

= 77%


President George W. Bush 23.08 % (2,730)

Note: I just love it when my boyfriend wins!

Thanks to Melbourne Indymedia! 
  Bless Her Cotton Socks

The Times Picayune published the following obit about this dear woman:

"Word has been received that Gertrude M. Jones, 81, passed away on August 25, 2003, under the loving care of the nursing aides of Heritage Manor of Manville, Louisiana. She was a native of Lebanon, KY. She was a retired
Vice President of Georgia International Life Insurance Company of Atlanta, GA. Her husband, Warren K. Jones predeceased her. Two daughters survive her: Dawn Hunt and her live-in boyfriend, Roland, of Mandeville, LA; and Melba Kovalak and her husband, Drew Kovalak, of Woodbury, MN. Three sisters, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren, also survive her. Funeral services were held in Louisville, KY. Memorial gifts may be made to any organization that seeks the removal of President George W. Bush from office."

The link above contains an online guestbook one can sign. 
  You Read It Here First (Or on Eschaton)

Presidential Weakness Reported

President Bush is a man of steely discipline, but it appears the commander in chief has not gained complete mastery over his sweet tooth.

In a new book by author Stephen Mansfield, "The Faith of George W. Bush," the following passage appears on page 173: "Aides found him face down on the floor in prayer in the Oval Office. It became known that he refused to eat sweets while American troops were in Iraq, a partial fast seldom reported of an American president."

Seldom reported -- and apparently little observed. When the White House sent out the shared "pool report" of Bush's roundtable interview with reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Australia, it became apparent that the president had fallen off the candy wagon.

"And he was relaxed. Very relaxed," was the description. "As a reporter began to ask about the Middle East . . . Mr. Bush popped a butterscotch Lifesaver in his mouth. He smacked the candy as he said: 'Middle East, that's right.' "

  Thanks to Fresh Laundry!

I remember when Al Gore was running, and he'd be in a debate or giving a speech.. I'd actually be covering my face sometimes out of embarassment. That's a horrible feeling for someone you love and support as a candidate.

This time around I was waffling quite a bit. I had written to and supported Kucinich's amazing speech and signed on to his newsletter, but once he started running I almost felt betrayed? Well, not betrayed exactly, but I wanted him to have given that speech because he felt it and for no other reason - somehow I think he knew he would run. I liked him as a man, not a president. I dropped out of the newsletter when it started asking for dough.

I was still waffling. Leiberman was definately out - no way was he getting MY wife's vote (I can't vote - I make her vote for me since she doesn't care.) Gephart was too limp and maleable, plus, he's a turtle - and his counter-speech to the Republicans pissed me off to no end, what a suckup. Daschle caved too (and his wife is a big-time airline lobbyist!) - glad he stayed home.

Braun and Sharpton brought up issues - but had as much chance of winning as Gary Coleman. Graham never even crossed my radar.

Then I was sitting in a barber shop and picked up an article about some dude named Howard Dean. It told about his positions, which were some delicious liberal fare, but also that he was very wealthy, and yet had holes in his socks (like me!). He invited a reporter over, and his house was a mess, but he didn't care - he was more into substance than appearance. So I started digging and found out more about Dean, and the more I found the more I liked. I knew the right/middle wingers(swingers) would never go for him, but at this stage I was trying to identify with a candidate - not look for electability. So I swung to the Dean camp. Not supporting him financially or working for him - just turning other people onto him that didn't know anything about him.

But the spark of anger showed. And the early attacks really threw me off. And his reddened face started to remind me of the broiler underneath. And it wasn't the left or right hate machine just drumming up how he was an angry man and me falling for it hook, line and sinker - there were times I could sense it. Plus, like on the first date when everything is great about her/him and there is no reason not to like them, but for some reason there just isn't that spark, you know? You try and like them, try and get those butterflies, but eh, whatevah. And anyway, universal health care in the charge of a doctor? Is that good or bad? Do the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals support him? - If they do, I'm outta here.

Then I read about Clark. I saw him on Bill Maher before he had even declared he was running. Maher: "Are you bothered by people tarring you with 'liberal' since that's a dirty word now-a-days?" "Of course not," Clark said, "this is a liberal democracy. We can't forget that." (paraphrased) Wow. He was good looking, well dressed, intelligent as hell, articulate, focused eyes, and he didn't seem nervous even on a comedy show which probably isn't really his forte.

I was already hooked on Clark by the time the TPM article came out, but that one really sold me too. What brilliant answers. What depth. I didn't think that a human being had been born yet that could replace Clinton's finesse, intelligence, and political strategy. But here was this man who had it all - and could possibly surpass it.

And I have to admit, you know how most people say "I support the troops." I actually didn't. I hated the military. I hated wars and generals and snot-nosed 18-year old gung-ho brats that just wanted to kill something and didn't know shit from shinola. I hated arrogant generals, spit-in-your-face dominance, rewarding a lack of empathy, rapists, looters, drunkards, ignorants, violence. I hated that people could take orders and not question them. I hated that there weren't enough women to counterbalance the testosterone overload. I hated war, I hated death. I hated evolution for being so fucking slow and leaving us baboons while technology advanced exponentially.

But there was Clark and he really was a hero. And he was sharp and well dressed. And he was advocating peace. And he was intelligent. And he HAD disobeyed orders to his credit when he felt he was doing the right thing. And he is wise. He makes me respect the armed forces and makes me almost envious of what a maturing experience it can be for one's growth.

And Clark is f*ing bulletproof. The wingers not only won't be able to get their slung shit to stick, they might even vote for the man. And he was a republican himself for a time - many think that's a bad thing. I think it is most admirable. Did you read David Brock's book? There is no greater convert than one who has lived on the other side - and no greater way to know thy enemy.

Anyhoo, I'm sold.

God, please don't fuck this up. No scandals, ok?
I know in your supreme sarcastic irony you are going to have the second coming happen before he has a chance to get sworn in, but try and do the right thing this time, please? We deserve it after your last joke.


Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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