Someone Take The Wheel
  Red Rum! Red Rum!

This is the funniest thing I've seen on the web in a long long time. And just in time for Halloween. 
  Leaking Leakers and the Leaking Leaks Who Leak Them.

Haha, I just love this one. You can tell they're all in complete and utter awe over big ol' Dubya's leadership abilities. Oof.

"Concerned about the appearance of disarray and feuding within his administration as well as growing resistance to his policies in Iraq, President Bush - living up to his recent declaration that he is in charge - told his top officials to "stop the leaks" to the media, or else.

News of Bush's order leaked almost immediately.

Bush told his senior aides Tuesday that he "didn't want to see any stories" quoting unnamed administration officials in the media anymore, and that if he did, there would be consequences, said a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used."
  The UN Votes Unanimously to Play Ball

There. Are you happy now? Will you please stop your vicious whining and go back to The War Against Satan?

I'll have some French fries please and some sauerkraut and some French toast with French wine, thank you. 
  They Keep Trying and Try as They Might

General Clark keeps swatting them away like bothersome flies. This time it's the release of over 200 pages of internal military evaluations of his performance and career. Highlights of note are:

"The next year, Colin Powell similarly noted the penchant for the "raters" on performance reviews to exaggerate. But in this case, he said, "The rater does not overstate." He added, "Wes Clark has been a superb battalion commander and will be a superb brigade commander. He is an officer of the rarest potential and will clearly rise to senior general officer rank. He will be one of the Army's leaders in the 1990's."


"The comments ...were typical: "The most brilliant and gifted officer I've known." The commander, Col. Charles G. Prather IV, added: "I have never been more impressed with an officer's talent and dedication." He added that he should rank with men like Douglas MacArthur."

Plus He's My Boyfriend.

  If You've Got A Blacklist I Wanna Be On It.

We mentioned earlier that the NRA has a blacklist. Now you can be on it too!

So click here to see the NRA's list.
Then add your name to a blacklist that really is an "honor roll."

  Well That's Just Too Cool

American Stranger of and made a graphic for this blog. THANKS! 
  You Want to What?!?

Just when you think that Bushco can't possibly outdo themselves, they come up with some crap like this
  Fido, Sick 'em!!!

Now you too can have your very own Bush Dog Toy
  "It Was A Slap In The FACE." 
  Open Mouth, Insert Foot. 
  Lip Service Is All You'll Ever Get From Me

Rumsfeld cuts more military bases than the last four previous rounds, going back to 1995... 
  Shoe: I'm Pleased To Present to You, Other Foot. 
  You're On Our List and We Shoot To Kill

The NRA has an "enemies list". Let's just hope they don't kill someone's grandson by mistake. 
  You Talkin' to Me? YOU Talkin' to ME?

Wilson fights back
  Want to Give Clark A Million Dollars But Just Not Sure if It's Allowed?

Read all about the new restrictions on donating to candidates, etc. here
  Oh fer cryin' out loud!

Check out saint Dubya... 
  But Will The Pup Go To The Pound?

Methinks this guy has waaaay too much time on his hands
  Nothing Was Delivered

profligate \PROF-luh-guht; -gayt\, adjective:
1. Openly and shamelessly immoral; dissipated; dissolute.
2. Recklessly wasteful.

A profligate person.

Both Curtiss and Feldmar agreed that after the birth of Bruno the couple grew less happy and that there was a good deal of squabbling caused, apparently, by the father's profligate ways and infidelities.
--Arthur Lennig, Stroheim

For in so many ways we seem at times to be "a nation of public puritans and private profligates."
--Tracy Lee Simmons, "Steinbeck Reconsidered," National Review, March 25, 2002

  And We Thought Our Elections Have Been Getting Nasty

And this story is just about the mayoral race...yow. 
  Just When We Thought There Might Be Hope

Some asshat advises Gore that Liberal TV won't work.

They're going for the younger, hipper crowd instead. Because everyone knows how cool and hip Al Gore is. 
  I'm Proud to be an Okie from....wait a minute....No I'm Not.

In fact, I'm downright humiliated. Embarassed. Ashamed. If only my ancestors hadn't been forced to walk the Trail Where They Cried to this godforsaken piece of flat dusty shite.

Read why.

Tidbit: According to the Land Patent, issued to the Cherokee Nation by the United States, the Cherokee Nation was to hold such lands fee simple." The language used is, "The United States cedes to the Cherokee. . . . ' The United States never gave the Cherokee, Nation or individuals, land.
  You Naughty Naughty Boy

Apparently, regular old sex for money isn't good enough for those picky Brits.  
  Do you feel liberated now? Do you feel liberated NOW?

Come you masters of war... 

Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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