Someone Take The Wheel
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I remember when Al Gore was running, and he'd be in a debate or giving a speech.. I'd actually be covering my face sometimes out of embarassment. That's a horrible feeling for someone you love and support as a candidate.

This time around I was waffling quite a bit. I had written to and supported Kucinich's amazing speech and signed on to his newsletter, but once he started running I almost felt betrayed? Well, not betrayed exactly, but I wanted him to have given that speech because he felt it and for no other reason - somehow I think he knew he would run. I liked him as a man, not a president. I dropped out of the newsletter when it started asking for dough.

I was still waffling. Leiberman was definately out - no way was he getting MY wife's vote (I can't vote - I make her vote for me since she doesn't care.) Gephart was too limp and maleable, plus, he's a turtle - and his counter-speech to the Republicans pissed me off to no end, what a suckup. Daschle caved too (and his wife is a big-time airline lobbyist!) - glad he stayed home.

Braun and Sharpton brought up issues - but had as much chance of winning as Gary Coleman. Graham never even crossed my radar.

Then I was sitting in a barber shop and picked up an article about some dude named Howard Dean. It told about his positions, which were some delicious liberal fare, but also that he was very wealthy, and yet had holes in his socks (like me!). He invited a reporter over, and his house was a mess, but he didn't care - he was more into substance than appearance. So I started digging and found out more about Dean, and the more I found the more I liked. I knew the right/middle wingers(swingers) would never go for him, but at this stage I was trying to identify with a candidate - not look for electability. So I swung to the Dean camp. Not supporting him financially or working for him - just turning other people onto him that didn't know anything about him.

But the spark of anger showed. And the early attacks really threw me off. And his reddened face started to remind me of the broiler underneath. And it wasn't the left or right hate machine just drumming up how he was an angry man and me falling for it hook, line and sinker - there were times I could sense it. Plus, like on the first date when everything is great about her/him and there is no reason not to like them, but for some reason there just isn't that spark, you know? You try and like them, try and get those butterflies, but eh, whatevah. And anyway, universal health care in the charge of a doctor? Is that good or bad? Do the insurance companies and pharmaceuticals support him? - If they do, I'm outta here.

Then I read about Clark. I saw him on Bill Maher before he had even declared he was running. Maher: "Are you bothered by people tarring you with 'liberal' since that's a dirty word now-a-days?" "Of course not," Clark said, "this is a liberal democracy. We can't forget that." (paraphrased) Wow. He was good looking, well dressed, intelligent as hell, articulate, focused eyes, and he didn't seem nervous even on a comedy show which probably isn't really his forte.

I was already hooked on Clark by the time the TPM article came out, but that one really sold me too. What brilliant answers. What depth. I didn't think that a human being had been born yet that could replace Clinton's finesse, intelligence, and political strategy. But here was this man who had it all - and could possibly surpass it.

And I have to admit, you know how most people say "I support the troops." I actually didn't. I hated the military. I hated wars and generals and snot-nosed 18-year old gung-ho brats that just wanted to kill something and didn't know shit from shinola. I hated arrogant generals, spit-in-your-face dominance, rewarding a lack of empathy, rapists, looters, drunkards, ignorants, violence. I hated that people could take orders and not question them. I hated that there weren't enough women to counterbalance the testosterone overload. I hated war, I hated death. I hated evolution for being so fucking slow and leaving us baboons while technology advanced exponentially.

But there was Clark and he really was a hero. And he was sharp and well dressed. And he was advocating peace. And he was intelligent. And he HAD disobeyed orders to his credit when he felt he was doing the right thing. And he is wise. He makes me respect the armed forces and makes me almost envious of what a maturing experience it can be for one's growth.

And Clark is f*ing bulletproof. The wingers not only won't be able to get their slung shit to stick, they might even vote for the man. And he was a republican himself for a time - many think that's a bad thing. I think it is most admirable. Did you read David Brock's book? There is no greater convert than one who has lived on the other side - and no greater way to know thy enemy.

Anyhoo, I'm sold.

God, please don't fuck this up. No scandals, ok?
I know in your supreme sarcastic irony you are going to have the second coming happen before he has a chance to get sworn in, but try and do the right thing this time, please? We deserve it after your last joke.


Rip out the table
we need room to move
in a life unstable
you're so easily amused
anywhere you hang
yourself is home
throw in a tape, fix the tone

The windows are dirty let's hope it rains
add another newspaper
something to do with my change
I see we're fighting again
In some fucking land
throw in another tape man

Someone take the wheel
and I don't know where we're going
anybody say what you feel
everybody's sad, but nobody's showing

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